Cultivating a Sustainable Africa through Zero-Waste Farming

29 November 2023 by
Cultivating a Sustainable Africa through Zero-Waste Farming
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Food security in Africa, particularly in the 1980s has been a big issue. There was a devastating drought and famine in Ethiopia. The narrator, a Nigerian-born father named Zamu, was deeply affected by this crisis and decided to take action to create a sustainable agricultural system in Africa. In 1985, he created Sunai, a zero waste system that has now been implemented in some African countries.

Zamu believes that something is wrong when Africa, the richest continent in the world in terms of resources, is also the poorest. To address this issue, he founded Sonai, a movement that aims to provide Africans with an environment where they can learn how to grow and become self-sufficient. Sonai is a laboratory where they harness all available resources to create a new world, starting with agriculture.

The key principle of Sonai is sustainability. They implement a system where waste from one section of agriculture, such as animal and fish waste, is recycled and used as input for another section. For example, instead of throwing away the waste water rich with fish, they use it to irrigate their crops. This approach minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency.

Zamu believes that this new approach to agriculture will not only provide food security but also create a new habitat where people work and live in harmony with the environment. He envisions a system where people eat what they produce and produce in a way that enhances the environment.

The video also highlights the transformation that has occurred in the land where Sonai operates. When Zamu arrived there 30 years ago, it was a desert, but now it is a thriving agricultural area. Sonai exports wealth and aims to break the cycle of dependency by focusing on sustainable development.

In conclusion, the video showcases Zamu's efforts to address food security in Africa through his Sonai movement. By creating a sustainable agricultural system that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency, Zamu aims to create a new world where Africans can become self-sufficient and prosperous. The video emphasizes the need to abandon the logic of dependency and embrace a sustainable approach to development.

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