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Lasting Solution to Unemployment in Nigeria
10 November 2023 by
Rethinking TVET
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This video by Plus TV Africa features an interview with Tashi Anan, an executive coach and human capital professional, discussing vocational education and its role in addressing unemployment.

Anan explains that vocational education used to be highly valued, with vocational and technical schools offering opportunities for students to develop technical skills and enter the labor market. However, somewhere along the line, the focus shifted towards university education, leading to a decrease in support for vocational education.

Anan argues that vocational education is a strategic pathway to address the rising unemployment rate, particularly among youth. There is a shortage of skilled workers in various industries, such as plumbers and carpenters, while many people continue to pursue white-collar jobs. Anan emphasizes the need to strengthen vocational education and provide support for artisans and their businesses, such as helping them expand and hire more employees.

The interview also addresses the preference for university education over technical and vocational education, which has led to disparities in job opportunities and earnings. Anan suggests that stronger legislation is needed to standardize degrees and ensure that graduates from vocational schools are not earning less than university graduates. Additionally, there should be a higher level of standardization and certification processes in place to recognize the skills and experience of individuals who have completed vocational training.

Anan acknowledges the need for proper training programs that align with the actual skills needed in the labor market. He suggests creating synergy between industry needs and vocational training institutions to ensure that students are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge.

Overall, the video highlights the importance of vocational education in addressing unemployment and creating opportunities for individuals to enter the workforce with valuable skills.

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