Poultry Keeping & Management

Poultry Keeping & Management

Poultry keeping is one of the most popular forms of businesses among small-scale farmers. This is because poultry requires little capital, is easy to rear and easy to manage. Poultry keeping thus provides farmers with a great opportunity to start an income generating activity.

The aim of this course is to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to raise poultry for meat and eggs and manage a small-scale commercial poultry business. This main target group of this course is farmers who are interested in starting a poultry business. However, extension workers and other stakeholders who are interested in working with small-scale poultry farmers will also benefit. There are many types of poultry but in this course it focuses on chicken.

Instructor: Commonwealth of Learning

Last Update 15/10/2023
Completion Time 5 hours 45 minutes
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Contents include:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Poultry Keeping
  • Unit 2: Poultry Housing
  • Unit 3: Breeds of Poultry
  • Unit 4: Poultry Management Systems
  • Unit 5: Feed Management
  • Unit 6: Routine Poultry Management Practices
  • Unit 7: Health Management
  • Unit 8: Poultry Products & Marketing