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About Us


JobSkills City is Nigeria's leading elearning platform for technical ​vocational education and training (TVET) resources.   

JobSkills City has pioneered a dynamic digital solution that aids and improves learning and teaching within the Nigerian Technical Vocational System.  We provide an extensive library of ebooks and online courses tailored specifically for vocational college students, apprentices and vocational instructors who need to stay ahead of the industry.  We also cater for seasoned professionals who want to expand their skillset to reach their goals faster than ever before!

At JobSkills City we believe everyone should be given equal opportunities. Education shouldn't be expensive or difficult but rather rewarding and accessible for everyone regardless of their background. 

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Job Skills City learner app is free and downloadable. Learn at your own pace, watch video lessons at your convenience, pause and rewind. Switch between desktop and mobile without losing your course progress.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

 Our online courses and ebooks provide a theoretical background in the field of study           being offered.  Practical experience and/or site observation of work in progress are of   vital importance to complement the contents of all the resources we provide. 

 For free resources it's a lifetime, many are also downloadable.  

 If you have purchased a course or ebook, please read the information on the   purchase page to confirm duration of access as this may vary. 

 The courses and ebooks we provide through our partners are built with input from leading   industry employers who know what technical skills they are looking for in potential   employees.  The information taught in our courses and ebooks are immediately applicable   in the current job market.

 Not yet but we're working on that.  We do provide a Jobskills City certificate of               completion for all paid courses.  Subscribe and keep an eye out for updates regarding   this.  

 Some of our courses can be purchased individually whilst others are sold as bundles. We   provide several payment options through the payment gateway Flutterwave.

 When you purchase a course or bundle from our website it automatically will appear in   "my courses" when you log into the platform.  For our android App, just download and     log in. 

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