Bakery & Confectionery - Training Manual

Bakery & Confectionery - Training Manual

This training manual will teach you basic baking procedures, the various kinds of ingredients used in baking, the equipment required, etc. You will also leam the basics of managing a small bakery in case you want to set up your own.

The primary objective of developing this course manual is to impart a skill to you which could either help you to take up a job in a bakery or set up a bakery or simply delight family members with a constant supply of delicious products.

Author:  National Institute of Open Schooling - Gov. of India

Last Update 15/10/2023
Completion Time 12 hours 25 minutes
Members 9
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    • Bakery and Confectionery (PDF)

Contents include:

  • Chapter 1: Ingredients & Equipment
  • Chapter 2: Biscuits
  • Chapter 3: Cakes
  • Chapter 4: Icings
  • Chapter 5: Pastes or Mixtures
  • Chapter 6: Breads & Bread Rolls
  • Chapter 7: Danish Pastries & Croissant
  • Chapter 8: Accounting Procedures
  • Chapter 9: Glossory of Bakery Terms