Communicating Effectively With Tourists

Communicating Effectively With Tourists

These course training manuals are intended to get participants to think about the importance of communicating effectively with tourists, both from the tourists’ viewpoint and their own. 

It is intended as a basic introduction for people who may not know much about tourists or ways of communicating with tourists.

Author : The Commonwealth of Learning, 2002

Last Update 13/10/2023
Completion Time 8 hours 40 minutes
Members 5
Instructor Resources & Curricula Hospitality & Tourism Tourism Free Ebook Beginner
    • Adaptation Guide (PDF)
    • Participant Workbook (PDF)
    • Tour Guide (PDF)


  • Student Manual
  • Student Workbook
  • Instructor Manual

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify communication topics
2. Demonstrate good communication skills
3. Define what a tourist is
4. Identify tourist expectations


1. What is communication
2. Good communication in the tourism industry
3. What to say to a tourist
4. How to make a tourist feel welcome
5. Talking on the telephone
6. Communication in problem solving
7. Networking