Cook: Activity Plans

Cook: Activity Plans

The Youth Explore Trades Skills Activity Plans are teacher resources designed to help students explore careers in trades and skills-related disciplines.

These activity plans are specifically designed to introduce students to trades and skills through activities that provide valuable hands-on experience.  Through exposure to modules like these students will be able to make better informed career decisions.  

The activities in the Cook module exposes students to fundamental cooking skills as well as knowledge and attitudes needed for a career as a cook.  A cook typically has a lower rank than a chef.

In this module includes activity description, images, video links, terminology, lesson procedure, quizzes and assessment guidelines.

Author:  Industry Training Authority Apprenticeship Programs, British Columbia

Last Update 15/10/2023
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Instructor Resources & Curricula Hospitality & Tourism Culinary Arts Free Ebook Beginner
    22Lessons ·
    • Professionalism (PDF)
    • Safety Data Sheets (PDF)
    • Workstation Setup (PDF)
    • Kitchen Equipment Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
    • Palate Development (PDF)
    • Recipe Comprehension (PDF)
    • Introductory Knife Skills (PDF)
    • Beginning Butchery (PDF)
    • Stock (PDF)
    • Soup (PDF)
    • Thickening Agents & Methods (PDF)
    • Cooking Methods (PDF)
    • Cooking Starches (PDF)
    • Emulsified Dressings (PDF)
    • Vegetable Cookery (PDF)
    • The Salad Bar (PDF)
    • Sandwich Building (PDF)
    • Oil & Vinegar Dressings
    • Break the Fast (PDF)
    • Cooking Meat & Poultry (PDF)
    • Careers (PDF)
    • Plating & Presentation (PDF)