Data Science

Data Science

In today’s world, we have a surplus of data, and the demand for learning data science has never been greater. The students need to be provided a solid foundation on data science and technology for them to be industry ready.

The objective of this curriculum is to lay the foundation for Data Science, understanding how data is collected, analyzed and, how it can be used in solving problems and making decisions. It will also cover ethical issues with data including data governance and builds foundation for AI based applications of data science.

Therefore, NIOS is introducing ‘Data Science’ as a skill module from the Session 2022 – 2023 which will benefit 170 million learners in the open schooling system in India. NIOS acknowledges the initiative by Microsoft India in introducing this coding handbook for class X students.

This handbook introduces the concepts of data science, data visualizations and applications of data science in AI. The course handbook covers the theoretical concepts of data science followed by practical examples to develop critical thinking capabilities among students. The purpose of the book is to enable the future workforce to acquire data science skills early in their educational phase and build a solid foundation to be industry-ready.

Author: National Institute of Open Schooling - Gov. of India

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