Design & Drafting: Activity Plans

Design & Drafting: Activity Plans

The Youth Explore Trades Skills Activity Plans are teacher resources designed to help students explore careers in trades and skills-related disciplines.

These activity plans are specifically designed to introduce students to trades and skills through activities that provide valuable hands-on experience.  Through exposure to modules like these students will be able to make better informed career decisions.  

This module introduces students to Board Drafting and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).  The Activity Plans cover both Architectural and Mechanical standards.  Activity Plans are designed with flexible use in mind; lesson content has been divided into discrete chunks to allow for standalone use for ease of navigation by teachers, but can also be followed in sequence.

Author:  Industry Training Authority Apprenticeship Programs, British Columbia

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Instructor Resources & Curricula Building & Construction Painting and Decoration Free Ebook Beginner
    5Lessons ·
    • Drafting 2D Drawing Activity Plan Book (PDF)
    • Drafting 3D Modelling Activity Plan Book (PDF)
    • Drafting Careers (PDF)
    • Orthographic Drawing (PDF)
    • Trim Command MCAD
    6Lessons ·
    • Drafting Dictionary (PDF)
    • Introduction to Title Blocks (PDF)
    • Drawing Objects (PDF)
    • Scale & Dimensioning (PDF)
    • Orthographic Drawing (PDF)
    • Isometric Drawing (PDF)
    10Lessons ·
    • Computer & Network Orientation (PDF)
    • CAD Orientation (PDF)
    • Intro to CAD Software
    • CAD Program Interface MCAD
    • Basic Command Line Entry & Page Setup for Activity 2 MCAD
    • Absolute & Relative Coordinate Entry MCAD
    • Polar Coordinate Entry & Mouse Entry MCAD
    • Offset Command 2 MCAD
    • Fillet Command MCAD
    • Move Command & Object Snap MCAD

The Architectural Drafting Activity Plans can align directly to the Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical modules of Youth Explore Trades Skills. The Mechanical Drafting module correlates with the Automotive module, but can also compliment the Metal Work module.

These modules include broad activities so that teachers can use the equipment available to them—both manual/board drafting equipment and computer software.  In this resource you will find:

• Detailed terminology related to the fields of design and drafting
• Detailed lists and descriptions of board drafting equipment
• Detailed information regarding current CAD software programs
• Detailed Activity Plans with activities, images and supporting instructional videos