Eyebrow Design & Extensions

Eyebrow Design & Extensions

Are you looking to increase your skills in eyebrow design and extensions? Are you a beauty professional and ready to take your salon services to the next level?  Look no further.  This comprehensive training manual is written by experts in the field of eyebrow design and extensions and provides readers with an in-depth look at everything from the fundamentals to mastering intricate techniques.  With step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, and helpful hints, this manual will help any reader become an expert in the field. 

Be a part of the billion-dollar industry of eyebrow design and extensions! It's clear that this trend is here to stay.  Not only can mastering the art of brow feathering and extensions increase your knowledge and service offerings, but it can also fast-track your career. These techniques are easy to learn with practice and designed for immediate income!  Whether you're looking to add brow feathering and extensions as a natural add-on to your existing service menu or as a standalone service, the possibilities are endless.

Our expert instructors will guide you through the 3-step procedure of defining brow shape, feathering and extensions. You'll also learn about the importance of client consultation, sanitation, contraindications, set-up and preparation, care of extensions, as well as proper brow removal.

Author: JobSkills City

For beginners, beauty technicians and instructors

The ebook starts off with a comprehensive introduction to brow design, highlighting its importance in enhancing one's facial features. It then delves into the topic of brow mapping, providing readers with essential tips and tricks on how to precisely measure and map out the ideal eyebrow shape for any face. With a detailed explanation of face shapes and elements of asymmetry, this book teaches readers how to best flatter each individual client's unique features.

One of the key factors in achieving flawless brows is understanding hair growth stages and using this knowledge to create tailored designs for clients. This book covers everything from health and hygiene practices to tools needed for successful brow mapping.  Readers will also learn about the golden ratio – a crucial aspect of achieving symmetrical brows – as well as practical worksheets that they can use during their practice sessions. It also guides readers through measuring techniques and connecting eyebrow lines accurately.

Eyebrow Design & Extensions also covers important considerations such as contraindications, room setup, client consultations, and aftercare procedures. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow illustrations, readers will learn how to create basic brow shapes using feathering techniques or add volume with eyebrow extensions.

For those interested in starting a business or expanding their current one, this book provides valuable insights and tips on marketing, pricing, and building a successful brand. With its comprehensive coverage and practical guidance, Eyebrow Design & Extensions is a must-have resource for anyone looking to excel in the world of eyebrow design and extensions.

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