How To Start A Honey Bee Farming Business

How To Start A Honey Bee Farming Business

Rearing of honey bees is called Apiculture. Keeping bees at a large scale for commercial purposes as a business is increasing in this fast growing world. Apiculture is related to agriculture or is a part of agriculture.

Apiculture or bee keeping business need less investment of money and labourers with great care of them and a strong relationship between the human being (beekeeper) and the bees. It is not too hard to keep bees as a business; if you did not have some knowledge about them and the apiculture since bees are wild in nature. One can easily learn apiculture and can earn more money as profit with less effort.

This ebook is for anyone interested in setting up a honey bee farming business.

Author: Zambia Agribusiness Society

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    • How to Start a Honey Bee Farming Business (PDF)

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Types Of Honey Bee (Most Popular)
  • Traditional Bee Farming
  • Modern Bee Farming
  • Bee Colonies
  • Advice Before Starting a Bee Farming Business
  • Basic Requirement of a Honey Bee Farm
  • Site Requirements In Honey Bee Farming
  • Equipment Needed For Honey Bee Farming
  • Management Of Bees For Pollination In Honey Beekeeping Business
  • Pests And Diseases
  • Benefits of Bee Pollination
  • Harvesting Of Bee Products In Honey Bee Farming