Lash Extensions - Training Manual

Lash Extensions - Training Manual

This comprehensive guide of 106 pages is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to get started on your journey in the lash extension industry. This manual will take you through the basics of lash extensions, including all types of lash extensions, materials used for application and necessary tools. We'll also discuss important topics such as eye anatomy, safety measures and client consultation and preparation. 

With this manual, you'll learn about different lash effect techniques, understand how to choose the right type of eyelash extension according to individual client needs, practice how to apply lashes correctly following a given step-by-step instruction along with tips and tricks for a successful outcome. 

Moreover, we will cover hygienic practices during treatment, explaining the importance of using fresh adhesive every time and performing patch test prior starting any application procedure on clients eyes. Finally, we will discuss how to market your business by exploring various channels/platforms for promoting your products/services online or offline.

Author: JobSkills City

The Lash Extension Trainee Manual is designed for those who want to become eyelash extension professionals within the beauty industry.  

This guide is also a useful training manual for seasoned eyelash extension professionals who want to teach their apprentices. 

Topics to be covered includes;

  • Lash Kit
  • Lash Facts
  • Eye Safety
  • Eye Anatomy 
  • Lash Growth Cycle
  • Client Consultation 
  • Adhesive 
  • Gluing Techniques 
  • Lash Angles, Thickness & Curl 
  • Lash Mappings 
  • Eyelash & Extensions  
  • Lash Extensions - Step by Step 
  • Lash Retention 
  • Lash Removal 
  • Maintenance & Aftercare  
  • Salon Hygiene & Safety
  • Earning Potential  
  • Marketing 
  • Access to sample downloadable forms 
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Completion Time 9 hours 30 minutes
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Instructor Resources & Curricula Cosmetology & Beauty Body, Skin & Nail Care Paid Ebook Intermediate Beginner
  • Ebook
    1Lessons ·
    • Lash Extension - Trainee Manual (PDF)
  • Bonus: Downloadable Sample Forms
    4Lessons ·
    • Lash Extension Photo & Video Release (PDF)
    • Patch Test Wavier Form for Lashes (PDF)
    • Lash Extension Intake Form (PDF)
    • Lash Extension Client Waiver Form (PDF)