Metal Work: Activity Plans

Metal Work: Activity Plans

The Youth Explore Trades Skills Activity Plans are teacher resources designed to help students explore careers in trades and skills-related disciplines.

These activity plans are specifically designed to introduce students to trades and skills through activities that provide valuable hands-on experience.  Through exposure to modules like these students will be able to make better informed career decisions.  

The resource introduces students to the fields of metalworking and manufacturing, and provides units in fabrication, welding, and machining. Each unit is built in self-contained modules that will equip both new and experienced teachers with easily navigable, ready-to-use lessons.

Author:  Industry Training Authority Apprenticeship Programs, British Columbia

Last Update 13/10/2023
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    • About this Resource (PDF)
    • Career Exploration- Metal Trades (PDF)
    • Career Exploration- Metal Trades (PDF)
    • Introduction to Tools and Equipment (PDF)
    • General Metal Shop Safety (PDF)
    • Measurement (PDF)
    • Metallurgy Presentation (PDF)
    • Material ldentification (PDF)
    • Metal Stock Identification (PDF)
    • Drill Press Vise (PDF)
    • Introduction to Sheet Metal Fabrication (PDF)
    • Make a Mini Shield and Letter Opener (PDF)
    • Fabricate a Trivet (PDF)
    • Fabricate a coat hook (PDF)
    • Make BBQ Flipper (PDF)
    • Fabricate a Cookie Sheet (PDF)
    • Make a Picture Frame (PDF)
    • Fabricate s Tool Caddy (PDF)
    • Fabrication Resources (PDF)
    • Make a Welded Die (PDF)
    • Make a Pencil Holder (PDF)
    • Introduction to Welding (PDF)
    • Make a Hibachi (PDF)
    • Make a Safe (PDF)
    • Introduction to Machining (PDF)
    • Cross Peen Hammer (PDF)
    • Aluminum Whistle (PDF)

In this resource you will find:

• Detailed terminology related to the field of Metal Work & Manufacturing;
• Detailed lists and descriptions of metal tools and equipment – both hand and power tools;
• Detailed information regarding general shop safety;
• Detailed lesson plans with activities, images, and video links. These activities fall under four main headings:

– Introduction to Metal Work
– Fabrication
– Welding
– Machining