Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices

Safety is a part of the job. When you take a job, you have a safety obligation to your employer, co-workers, family, and yourself. By recognizing and understanding the hazards in your work area, you can prevent the occurrence of many accidents. Most accidents are preventable. Both employees and employers must take responsibility for making the workplace safe.

The following list of lines and competencies was generated with the goal of creating an entry-level trades training resource, while still offering the flexibility for lines to be used as stand-alone books. Line A Books include:

  • A-1 Control Workplace Hazards,
  • A-2 Describe WorkSafeBC Regulations,
  • A-3 Handle Hazardous Materials Safely,
  • A-4 Describe Personal Safety Practices,
  • A-5 Describe Fire Safety.

Author: BCcampus, Canada - Line A / Safe Work Practices A1 - A5

Last Update 11/10/2023
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Building & Construction Engineering & Manufacturing Health & Safety Free Ebook
    • A-1 Control Workplace Hazards (PDF)
    • A-2 Describe WorkSafeBC Regulations (PDF)
    • A-3 Handle Hazardous Materials Safely (PDF)
    • A-4 Describe Personal Safety Practices (PDF)
    • A-5 Describe Fire Safety (PDF)
    • Safe Work Practice Workbook