The Human Body: Beauty Therapy

The Human Body: Beauty Therapy

We are all human – and we all have a body, this training manual is therefore about us. In your profession as a beauty therapist you work on human bodies, so a better understanding of how the human body is structured, what it does and how all the different parts work will give you the knowledge to work safely and effectively when carrying out the treatments offered in the beauty salon.  It will make you a better professional in your field of work.

Author: Francistown College of Technical & Vocational Education

Last Update 15/10/2023
Completion Time 22 hours 10 minutes
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Instructor Resources & Curricula Cosmetology & Beauty Body, Skin & Nail Care Free Ebook Beginner
    • Human Body: Module I (PDF)
    • Human Body: Module II (PDF)

Contents included:

Module I:

  • Topic 1 The human body
  • Topic 2 The skeletal system
  • Topic 3 The muscular system
  • Topic 4 The circulatory system
  • Topic 5 The respiratory system

Module II:

  • Topic 6 The Digestive System
  • Topic 7 The Excretory System
  • Topic 8 The Nervous System
  • Topic 9 The Endocrine System
  • Topic 10 The Reproductive System
  • Topic 11 The Integumentary System